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Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) helps change your negative responses to life's situations into better suited more positive responses. Stress, Anxiety, Phobias and more can be changed with the work your OWN brain will do with BWRT.

Freeminded - Hypnotherapists in South London

I'm based in Balham, South London and I specialise in helping treat issues surrounding stress, anxiety and self esteem. I strive towards helping you to achieve your life goals. I can also help address phobias, unresolved feelings and emotions.

My service here at Freeminded will help you to build

foundations for a happier, calmer and more

confident life.

The quiet Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and hypnotherapy studio in Balham is very close to the Balham Overground/Underground stations and only twenty minutes journey from Central London.

As each issue is different from the next I will always take this into account and through speaking about your issue we will be able to find a well suited therapy either using BWRT or Hypnotherapy.

We will work on a session by session plan carefully changing and adapting to your own needs. 

    Freeminded Hypnotherapy in Balham & Clapham, South London

    BWRT Brain Working Recursive Therapy & Hypnotherapy London Prices

    Each session is £60.

    Cash, Debit or Credit card is accepted.


    “Having never had hypnotherapy, I was intrigued to experience it. It was extraordinary!  After the first session with Alex, I felt deep relaxed."

    - Andrena (Stress & Anxiety)

    “I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of just a few sessions with Alex. If you approach this with an open mind and a willingness to be honest with yourself it can be properly effective.”

    - Bob (reducing alcohol volume)

    "Alex was empathic, developed a rapport and worked with me to focus the sessions for the most positive impact.

    The result being a successful series of hypnotherapy sessions that brought on a feeling of calm, control and improved my sleeps patterns."

    - Toby (Sleeping Trouble & Stress)

    “...yes they (the sessions) definitely helped me!"

    - Samantha (Binge Eating)

     "In reality I think there has been a noticeable change. Despite the fact that in general I use a pen a lot less, the draw to chewing it however is noticeably different.

    I also don’t feel the need to hold a pen unnecessarily whilst I’m talking in a meeting situation. So overall I’m very happy thanks."

    - Trevor (Pen Chewing Habit)


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