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Covid-19 Info

Covid-19 Coronavirus Information for Clients

The National Hypnotherapy Society has provided guidelines for therapists meeting with clients face -to -face.

-Hand sanitiser will be provided on entrance and sanitised bathroom facilities will be provided.

-Therapists and clients should keep a distance of at least two meters from each other.

-There should be no physical contact between therapist and client, this includes hand shakes.

-Surfaces will be cleaned regularly and between each client's visit.

-Future sessions will be postponed if the client is advised medically to self-isolate, or if they have any symptoms of a cold, cough, respiratory issues or a raised temperature.

-If I am, the therapist, diagnosed with Covid-19 coronavirus the NHS guidelines will require that I will contact anyone I have come in contact with and in such circumstances I will also inform the NHS of the contact with yourself, the client.

*Please note that otherwise the strictest confidence between therapist and client will continue to exist.